Creative Branding

When you have the right brand in place, your customers will experience the heartbeat of today’s culture

Logo Development

A well-designed logo allows a business to appear professional and polished to clients, and potential customers. Our team of branding experts can create a versatile, simplistic mark that is a true representation of your company. This mark, paired with a carefully selected color palette, and a well-crafted typographic design will become distinctive in your industry, and give you the upper-hand on the competition. Our logo design process delivers multiple logo formats along with a logo specification sheet that provides details on font, and color usage.


We Build Modern Brands

Modern brands are the heartbeat of today’s culture because they are simple, and live in the present. They are attractive because they are agile and can move quickly to adapt and stay relevant.

Brand Evaluation

We will delve into your industry to pinpoint your target audience before completing a comprehensive assessment to reveal whether your brand assets are reaching and resonating with that target audience. We will also determine whether the brand that has been created is an accurate representation of what you offer to consumers. In other words, we will investigate your brand to find out what’s working, and what’s not. Then we can make strategic recommendations about what improvements should be made.

Brand Management

If you’ve seen the look and feel of your brand assets, and marketing materials change drastically from one year to the next for no obvious or strategic reason. Then it may be possible that your brand is not being managed properly. By Colorfast Media overseeing your marketing, we can ensure that your brand remains within the guidelines set out in the branding evaluation, and that changes are only made when strategically necessary. A cohesive

What We Do

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